Grace Community Church launched a series of ads in The Washington Post Express newspaper to appeal to readers who may classify themselves as people who don't go to church. Grace's predominant slogan is that it is "a church for people who don't go to church." This sentiment is consistent with the general culture of the church, as a non-traditional, genuine, and fun community.
I thought a whimsical approach to this would be to leverage some of the activities and events some one might find on a normal day at Grace. My hope was that these activities in themselves would speak to the "non-churchy" nature of Grace, while appealing to readers who would't normally visit a church by breaking some of the preconceptions of a traditional church. Some of these activities and events included: contracting local food trucks to serve food outside on Sundays; bringing in a mechanical riding bull on Father's Day to create some fun competition; and using a t-shirt gun inside the auditorium during announcements.
I coupled the images for these activities with a tagline that referenced the activity itself, while also giving a nodd to some of the preconceived notions of church. "Get out from under the gun and in front of a t-shirt gun." "No bull. Just mechanical bulls." "No guilt trips. Just food trucks."
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