Each year during the Advent season, Grace Community Church rallies around a theme as it mobilizes as a community to serve others in need, both locally and nationally/internationally. For the 2015 season, this theme is "Together We Can Do More".
I needed to develop a mark that captured the slogan but also gave nods to some of the service projects Grace would be taking part in as part of the 2015 Christmas season. The major focus will be the provision of clean drinking water to those without access. In partnership with Compassion International and Living Water International, Grace will be helping construct systems to bring clean drinking water to a number of areas in the world.
I liked the idea of something hand-crafted - it seemed consistent with the service projects and areas - so decided to draw and then ink the mark on paper. I brought the inked drawing into Illustrator to color and vectorize for print.
One of the largest events Grace holds each year is the meal packing event it coordinates each December. Over a thousand volunteers from throughout the community come together and package over 100,000 meals for children in impoverished areas of the world, and all within a two hour span. In addition to the meals, water filtration systems that will be sent out to needy areas of the world are also constructed.
This year, Grace will also encourage the community to replace their normal dinners with beans and rice, then use the money they would have spent on those dinners to help construct clean water systems throughout the world.
The "Together We Can Do More" mark will appear on signage, print materials and digital displays throughout the Advent season beginning Nov. 29th. In addition, it will appear on a t-shirt that will be given away at the December meal packing event.
Drawn and inked by hand on paper. Colored and vectorized in Illustrator.
Capturing a bit of the drawing process.
Final mark used in production.
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