This was a Summer teaching series about how we can truly live in freedom. There are so many things that can shackle us and keep us down. I wanted to create imagery that would give the viewer hope and a release from their burdens.
Partially inspired by Pixar's Up, I created the lettering for the art in Illustrator and then finished it off in Photoshop.
One thing I wanted to share about this piece. Months after this series was over, I was catching up with a friend who I hadn't seen in some time. Her father had passed away a few months prior. It was heavy weight on her. She walked into the auditorium at Grace while this series was going on, and when she looked at this image, she told me that she suddenly felt a sense of peace. The little red balloon reminded her that her father was okay and in a better place; she knew that, and it was well with her. That made my year.
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