The Eurasia Group Foundation (EGF) is committed to helping educate and engage people in the geopolitical issues that impact their lives. Creating and disseminating unbiased research, studies, presentations, videos, and education tools to the public is a large part of how they achieve this mission.

It has been a joy to work with them the past 4 years: helping establish and manage their brand; designing and continuing to develop their website; creating visualizations and custom illustrations to support their research/editorials; designing all of their print materials; and advising them on content and marketing strategy.
Web and UX Design
The EGF website is not only a touch point for potential supporters but a repository for the rich content the organization develops. Developing a strong and effective taxonomy and visual system for these resources, while ensuring ease of maintenance, were important parts of the design process.
Two years after the launch of the new site, I helped redevelop the entire information architecture of the site to more effectively meet the organization's content strategy as it had grown in that time.
Microsites, Editorial Design, Illustration, and Analytics
With a commitment for developing meaningful and thought provoking material, EGF has published editorial pieces and reports for a global audience. I have worked with them to present these projects as unique microsites that exist within their central site.
In addition to developing these microsites, I have helped create custom illustrations, graphics, data visualizations, and user experiences to help communicate the subject matter and ensure that the presentation is ready for worldwide exposure.
Below is a sample of one such effort – a microsite that focuses on EGF’s investigation of Technology, Power, and You.
In addition to helping design and develop EGF's editorial content, I have helped them leverage analytics to measure their audience engagement. One example was the use of Google Tag Manager and the user of Event Triggers to help record user responses to the interactive Technology, Power, and You microsite we developed.
EGF’s other project sites may be viewed by visiting the Stories area of their website.
Print and Digital Design
Along with a website, we’ve designed a clear system of printed materials that builds off the branding. Printed pieces include business cards, letterheads, note cards, folders and envelopes.
The branding materials continued beyond the print jobs and to the web. We designed cohesive digital collateral materials – such as social media graphics and Powerpoint presentations. We also helped implement email templates within their CRM.
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